Industrial Plant Piping Prefabrication

Piping prefabrication is manufacturing pieces of pipelines in a factory instead at the construction site. This enables utilization of better tools and working conditions. This results in higher productivity and better quality. It also reduces the lead time at the construction site.

Piping prefabrication step:

  1. Cutting is usually the first work phase needed in mechanical prefabrication.
  2. Bending a pipe saves significant fitting and welding work.
  3. Fitting phase is where the different components are attached together. This is the first production phase where object of the work is the entire spool instead of individual components.

Construction of industrial plants includes a wide range of projects. These types of constructions involve intensive piping, which connects a variety of systems and equipment. Due to compressed schedules and limited spaces on site, industrial construction projects heavily rely upon piping prefabrication work.

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